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Financial Consulting

Do you have a financial issue that has been driving you crazy? Do you need Divorce guidance? Then you can contact me below for more details.

Finance and Business Consulting

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  • Finance Tarot Readings
  • Business Astrology Readings
  • Divorce Tarot Reading

Finance and Business Consultant:

​Elvira Leon is known as Empress DonaDiabla. She is finance intuitive consultant, life coach, and finance hypnotist. She gets her messages in the form of clairaudience. These messages can give you enlightenment and clarity to your business. Empress Dona Diabla has broken the mold when it comes to traditional hypnotists. She helps her clients create financial abundance via her brand of hypnotism and Reiki. Finance intuitive consultant will read the energy around your question and give you information accordingly.I work with several different sectors. Helping them to sheer clear of financial issues. My approach is relationship-based and mult-disciple based. Personally, I used tarot readings, pan-intutive channeling, empathic medium, cyrstal balls, tea leaves, and scrying to energetize- your business. All sessions are done on either Niteflirt and Clarity Fm .


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