Empress Dona Diabla spent the last two decades researching Theosophy,Freemasonry,Rosicrucian,the Bavarian Illuminati,and Western Occultism.“The Marilyn Monroe and Eva Peron Medium” and she could be yours.The spirits of Marilyn Monroe and Eva Peron began coming to Dona Diabla in 2018.In addition,she has learn the secrets of the Ottoman Empire,Latin-American Politicians, Ancient Egypt, and the Occult.

These secrets include: I have Secrets that focus on:

Mind Control
Illuminati Sex Parties
Declassified Latin-American Military Secrets

Luciferian Sexual Agenda
Alien Sex Secrets
Secret Sex Lives of the Tsars,Persians,and Ottomans
The true God of the Knights Templar
The Creation of Bavarian Illumanti
How to summonsing sex demons.

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Empress Dona Diabla

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