Born Elvira León but known as Empress Dona Diabla. ​​I choose to adorn my body like an Aztec Temple with elegant Mexican illustrations and flecks of Sliver jewelry. Evident in my cat-like piercing green eyes, pale skin, and intensely EuroAsian/Mestiza features of my Turkish-Mexican American Heritage.Dona Diabla is an Horror & Sci-Fi Devotee, Occultist, Astrolinguist, and BDSM Educator. She has an mission to decolonized sexuality by focusing on mind control, mind fuckery, Findom, and Forced Intox

   Dona Diabla received her BA in Film studies with an minor in Latin American studies from University of San Francisco.Empress Dona Diabla has broken the mold when it comes to traditional hypnotists. She helps her clients create financial control via her brand of hypnotism and Reiki. Finance intuitive consultant will read the energy around your question and give you information accordingly.She have master's in Metaphysics.

Age: 33
Height: 5'7
Weight: 125
Cup size: 38 C cup
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Language spoken:English and Spanish
Sexual orientation: Pansexual


Interests: Occult, Sex, Horror, 1960s Sci-Fi, Victorian horror stories, Mexican Romanticism, and Pansexuality
Favorite Movies: Metropolis, Queen Kelly, Golem, and Genuine (1920)
Favorite Music: 1980s Post Punk and Rock En Espanol
Favorite Perfume: Paris Hilton line
Favorite type of film: Giallos and Slashers

Favorite Foods: Fiery Shrimp fra Diavolo with Squid Ink Pasta,Sea Scallops in Saffron Sauce,Mole Poblano,Oysters Rockefeller, Wagyu Beef Kabobs with swords, and different types of cheesecakes

Pets: None 

Desired Location: Weimar Republic: Germany 1919-1932


Best Qualities: 
Being an  wicked temptress of yesteryear, pale-skinned, alluringly dressed, leading respectable gentlemen to their doom. And don’t forget the copious amounts of kohl eyeliner. I am that  slightly “foreign-looking” dark-haired vamp was in tune with the trendy interest in all things exotic, and their “supernatural” side fit in with the interest in spiritualism.

Turn Ons: 

Submissive men and women who knows their places.

Turn Offs: 

This type of slavery is very brutal and harsh.I will not accept timewasters, cheap-ass slaves, and losers who do not take this type of sexual domination seriously

About Empress Dona Diabla

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Empress Dona Diabla's Fetishes

  • Mind Control
  • Mind Fuckery
  • Financial Control/Findom
  • Hypnosis
  • Divorce Consulting
  • MK-Ultra Abuse
  • Intox/Poppers Training
  • Alien Roleplays/Satanic Roleplays
  • ​​Finance/Sexual Tarot Readings
  • Anal