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Mexican-Turkish Findom Succubus &MK-Ultra Handler



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About DonaDiabla

Born Elvira León but known as Dona Diabla. At 5' 7, 125 lbs,My slender mature figure is at once both impressively and succulently feminine. Encased in My skin-tight black cotton bikini is an enchanting entanglement of sweet and strong contradictions. In addition to my physical presence of timeless and elusive Mexican-Turkish beauty--long, jet-black hair, cruel red lips, and demonic green eyes.​​​It is believed that Succubi repeatedly visit men in their dreams and engage in nocturnal intercourse whilst draining their life and vitality.Dona Diabla is  a homicida Succubus prowling Niteflirt luring various men to their dooms. Men  are placed under various forms of mind control by Dona Diabla. She encourage intoxication to increase suggestibility, they are hypnotized, they are sexually tease and blackmailed until they reach their “break,” Dona Diabla wants to move men's sexual attraction over to depravity with her various fetishes and training . 
​ I'm serious about my domination career and creating a safe atmosphere for true submissives. Occultic Domination, MK-ULTRA mind control, Demonic roleplays, Financial Succubus, Sci-Fi & Horror Roleplayer,Dark Gothic Girlfriend, Demonic Courtesan, and Evil anal Queen.Fetishes:Verbal Abuse  *  * MK-ULTRA SEX KITTEN Training * Financial Domination * Ultimate girlfriend experience * Laughing Humiliation * Succubus Roleplay * Wonder Woman Roleplay * Raceplay/Plantation Mistress Roleplay * Perfect Mate: Most jaded of submissives and true lifestyle slaves. Perfect Date: Jaded submissives, lifestyle slaves, sugar daddies, and those seeking an punk girlfriend experience. Turn Ons: Money, power, wealth, pain, pleasure, art, and suffering. Turn Offs: This type of slavery is very brutal and harsh.I will not accept timewasters, cheap-ass slaves, and losers who do not take this type of sexual domination seriously.